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The Investing Mantras - Words of intelligence on money and investing
In a dynamic and daily changing world - dynamism and need of flexibility are important component to successful investing.
Some of our concepts are bound to encourage you while some will make you uncomfortable. But our intent is to make you an informative investor.
Follow us as we wipe of the dust from the myths to bring out the hidden truth in investments and the investing theories.
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About Us

When you’ve got a headache, you know exactly where to turn to---a doctor I presume; a toothache requires that you go see a dentist, and for your money worries, who do you run to? Well, you might have to visit a good financial planner.

Perhaps you stumbled into a large inheritance or your income grew wings and soared all of a sudden. Perhaps your spouse delivered of triplets or you just sold a house, and you are not sure where all that could take you from where you are right now, to where you want to be in the future. Relax, grab a cup of coffee if need be; you need a financial planner and we are glad to come to your rescue.

We are Ethical Financial Services providing very unique financial advice that is geared toward a good financial-life balance for numerous individuals.

At Ethical Financial Services, we believe that every individual is on their own life journey, with differing aims and aspirations. Some people live just for today, some people seek after tomorrow, and others have a clear cut long-term goal to achieve. Most of us have got a rare blend of all three.

We have stemmed the tide in this industry to surpass our clients’ expectations, and deliver to them, unparalleled financial planning services


What we do?

First of all, we ask a couple  of questions to ascertain exactly what you intend to accomplish during your lifetime.  We take our time to understand your life goals, desires, and your dreams.

Secondly, we critically analyze your financial state, evaluate the cost of  your goals, and with the aid of financial tools, design a strategy for the attainment of those goals.

Thirdly, the moment we have truly understood you, your life goals, and your financial state, we offer appropriate financial advice to help you achieve success.


Why choose us?

  • Ethical Financial Services are available to everyone, irrespective of your net worth or even investment portfolio.
  • We offer topnotch expert financial advice.
  • We have full-fledge financial plans designed by experts that are friendly and suitable for you.
  • At Ethical Financial services, we practically shine the spot light on you; planning your financial future is of utmost important to us, and we are committed to serving you better.
  • Our core preposition borders around providing detailed research and unique financial planning.
  • We strive to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.
  • We render services with good work ethics and honesty.
  • We are committed to excellence and quality service delivery.


Our proven track record speaks volume; within a short period of time, we have raised the bar in this industry, much to the admiration of our long list of satisfied clients. Wouldn’t you hop on the bandwagon?

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